Several youth are reaching adulthood without appropriate life skills required to become independent consumers. In most  

communities youth are at high risk of depressive episodes that will require intervention, but not necessarily by law enforcement.

However, and in most cases when this happens, youth are prosecuted for acts referred to as juvenile delinquency. Although this

is a big problem for youth and their families, it is a huge problem for community and State facilities. First, their educational 

process is severely damaged. According to numerous research studies, maybe for life. Second, most employers consider these

youth as unemployable. This indicates they will likely become dependent burdens on families and State supported systems. In

some cases, such dependence could last for years. Third, it's safe to asume they will suffer from a series of other mental

health/medical related issues that may go untreated, costing States millions. Social Service Agencies such as First Time

Correctional Services of KC have the ability, skills, legal and moral obligation to provide appropriate supportive services. We

understand and accept our responsibilities, which commits this agency to making significant positive changes the "First Time"

our services are utilized.